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What Is Reflexology in Santa Barbara and Does It Help?

You may have heard about reflexology in Santa Barbara. Maybe the place you get your regular massages offers it, or it’s something a friend has mentioned. Now you want to know what it is.

As well as understanding what reflexology is, you also need to understand the benefits. Is this going to help your physical and mental problems? Here’s everything you need to know right now.

What Is Reflexology?

Reflexology in Santa Barbara involves applying pressure to areas of the feet and hands. The foot is the most common as it corresponds to organs in the the body. You may have even heard that putting menthol rubs on the feet and wearing socks will help you get over a cold faster because of the connection to the rest of the body.

A reflexologist doesn’t just apply pressure anywhere. There are different parts of the foot for different ailments, and reflexology can be used with other hands-on therapist to further the benefit for you.

You’ll need to be okay with people touching your feet. If you are ticklish, it can be difficult to do everything, but your body will get used to it the more you do it.

Is Reflexology Good for You?

There have been many studies that show reflexology in Santa Barbara can be great for your mental health. It helps to reduce stress in the body, which helps you release more happy and calm hormones within the system. With less stress, you’re less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and other common mental ailments.

The lack of stress can also help your overall body. Your immune system isn’t suppressed, which means you can fight infections better. That common cold isn’t going to affect you as badly. You’ll have less tension in the body, which helps to reduce pain, including migraines. There’s also the lack of inflammation in your body, which is a natural response to stress, which helps to reduce pain in the body.

Improve Your Nerve Functions and Circulation

Poor circulation is a big problem that reflexology in Santa Barbara can help with. Poor circulation leads to numbing and tingling in parts of the body, and the feet are most commonly affected. With the right pressure, you can release some of the reasons for that poor circulation, delivering more blood to the feet and improving their uses.

Improved circulation is also good for the rest of the body. Your brain needs blood to get oxygen. By improving this, you’ll improve the function of the brain. Reflexology also helps to stimulate the nerves and open the neural pathways, which will help your brain work more effectively. You’ll be able to do more and remain more alert throughout the day, and your memory can even improve.

The nerve functions will also benefit from reflexology in Santa Barbara. Nerves become less sensitive as we age, but you can improve their functionality and prevent that. Keeping the nerves active and healthy is crucial for good muscles and joints.

Now is the time to look into reflexology in Santa Barbara. It could be just what your body needs.

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