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Why You Need to Discuss Your Sport When You See a Sports Massage Therapist in Santa Barbara

If you play a sport a lot, you’ll want to look at seeing a sports massage therapist in Santa Barbara on a regular basis. You know this is important to get the relaxation that you need in the muscles that you use.

When you see a new therapist, you’ll need to discuss the sport that you do. This is essential to make sure you get the best value for your money. After all, you want a targeted massage and not a regular one.

A Sports Massage Targets Specific Muscle Groups

When you see a sports massage therapist in Santa Barbara, you’re not going just to get a general relaxation massage. This isn’t a case of the massage therapist asking about the different areas of the body that feel aches and pains right now. When it comes to sports massages, you need to target the areas of the body that are regularly affected by the sport that you do.

If you’re a runner, your legs are going to suffer from the damage the most. You’ll get a lot of lactic acid build up around the calves and the quads. The sports massage therapist will be able to get into these muscles and help to release the lactic acid and make the muscles feel and perform better. There’s no point targeting on the arms when you use your legs!

Your Massage Therapist Can Look at the Type of Massage Is Best for You

There are three different types of sports massages available. Your sports massage therapist in Santa Barbara will need to discuss the type of sports that you play or the physical activity that you do. This helps them figure out the best type of sports massage for your particular needs.

The three types are: effleurage, deep transverse friction, and petrissage massage.

You may not have even heard of some of them. Don’t worry about it; that’s why you’re seeing a professional to get the help that you need. However, you need to be open about the type of physical activity that you do so that you get the right type of massage and help.

Talk About the Frequency of Your Massage Needs

Your sports massage therapist in Santa Barbara will also want to know more about your training regime. What are you working toward? How often do you play the sport? Are you training for a marathon? That’s going to need a different massage regime than if you’re playing soccer for fun three or four times per week.

Your massage therapist will be able to discuss all your needs when it comes to understanding more about your sport. Getting the right massage regime and following other tips are essential to have the best performance when you are training.

It’s time to book your first sports massage, and that means finding a good sports massage therapist in Santa Barbara. A good therapist will want to know more about you and the type of sports you play to make sure they help to improve your performance with their massages.

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