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Does a Deep Tissue Massage in Goleta Hurt?

When you take a look at the types of massages that you can get, a deep tissue massage in Goleta will come up. This is a massage that targets the lower layers of the muscles and tissues, as the name would suggest.

This can lead to concerns about pain. Could a massage hurt? If you’re worried about pain instead of being able to relax, this is an important question to ask.

It Can Be Uncomfortable Rather Than Painful

A deep tissue massage in Goleta will get into areas of body that are already in some sort of pain. You may have one due to a sporting injury, or maybe you’re holding extra tension somewhere. It could even just be a long time since you had any sort of massage. This leads to a build-up of problems within the muscles.

The deep tissue massage will get into the knots in your muscles. It works on the other tissues in the body to help ease up joints and speed up the recovery process from an injury. This can lead to pressure on some painful parts of the body.

However, most people don’t say that the massage is painful. They say that there is some discomfort. The pain is mixed with some sense of relief and relaxation, helping to lead to that “good pain” sort of feeling.

Ask for It to Stop If It Gets Painful

A deep tissue massage in Goleta shouldn’t hurt to the point where your whole body tenses up. That negates the benefits of the massage, and it is a sign that there is a more serious problem in the body. If there is too much pain, you can ask for it to stop.

A good massage therapist will work on other areas of the body. They will also work with different levels of pressure where the extreme pain was. This helps to ensure that they’re not causing more injury to the muscles.

If you grin and bear is, you could end up with causing more damage to the area that was injured. It’s also not fair on your massage therapist, who is just trying to make your situation better.

It Can Feel Like a Good Workout Afterward

You may feel some soreness in the muscles after your deep tissue massage in Goleta. This is not a sign of damage. Instead, it’s a sign that your muscles have had a workout and are now trying to repair. Yes, the soreness is very much like after you’ve been to the gym or done a workout that you’re not used to. It’s the muscles repairing afterward.

This type of soreness should only last for a day or two after the massage. If it lasts for longer, then it is a sign that there is damage. If you had an injury before the massage, the massage may have caused other problems. However, the mild ache should be gone after a couple of days when the massage has been done right.

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of pain when it comes to a deep tissue massage in Goleta. It’s not going to hurt to the point of tensing your body up, but there may be some discomfort.

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