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How to Remove Marks from Cupping in Santa Barbara

There are some excellent benefits to cupping in Santa Barbara. Of course, you want to take advantage of them, but you’re worried about all the marks that end up being left behind. They aren’t all that painful, but they look bad and have led to questions in the past.

The marks form because of the way the skin is pulled up into the cups. The blood vessels are broken, leading to some bruising forming. Here are some steps to take to get rid of the marks afterward.

Opt for Topical Anti-Inflammatory Treatments

The marks from cupping in Santa Barbara are linked to inflammation of the skin and the broken blood vessels. You want to treat the problem, and that means opting for topical anti-inflammatory treatments. Arnica gel is one of the best products for treating cupping marks specifically, not just reducing the swelling but also speeding up the healing process.

You can also use coconut oil, aloe vera gel, or something similar to help soothe the area. These types of herbal treatments promote the regeneration of the skin, aiding the healing process.

Improve the Blood Flow in the Skin

You also want to take steps to improve your body’s blood flow. This doesn’t just help to remove the marks from cupping in Santa Barbara but will help the look of your skin afterward anyway. You don’t need a lot or anything expensive to treat the skin.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies for removing cupping marks. Use it with some warm water and place directly on the skin. You can also drink apple cider vinegar for better intestinal health. You only need a little!

Alternatively, make a paste from turmeric and water. This is then placed directly on the marks and it will help to rejuvenate the skin through improving blood flow.

Prevent the Marks from Appearing

The best way to get rid of marks from cupping in Santa Barbara is to avoid them from happening. You can’t stop all the marks, but you can take steps to prevent them from looking too bad. The best thing to do is find somewhere reputable that offers cupping. A good massage therapist will understand where to place the cups and how long to leave them on for to avoid marks but still offer the best benefits.

You can also improve your lifestyle, which is good for the overall benefits of cupping anyway. You’ll want to add more vitamins and minerals to your body to improve your overall skin and blood circulation. The marks can form due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Add more exercise in and look after your skin through good moisturising techniques.

There will still be some marks left from cupping in Santa Barbara. You won’t be able to get rid of them all, but you can speed up the process of getting rid of them. The most important thing to do is to find someone reputable in cupping to ensure there is no permanent damage to the skin or the blood vessels.

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