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Is Reflexology in Santa Barbara Better Than a Foot Massage?

It can often be surprising by how massages that target some parts of the body affect everything else. Massages that target the feet are the most surprising. Instead of a standard foot massage, though, you want to look at reflexology in Santa Barbara.

The feet are made up of a lot of nerves. They connect to many other parts of the body, and you can improve various elements of the body if you apply pressure to the right parts of your feet. The quality of research into this is still on the low side, but this is a treatment that has been used for centuries with some great results.

What Is Reflexology?

Before you switch your feet massages for reflexology in Santa Barbara, you need to know what it is. We need to look at just how a foot massage helps to calm the body. When you target specific pressure points, though, the results are going to be far more beneficial.

A reflexologist is trained in understanding the different pressure points in the feet. For example, the toes can help to improve sinus problems, while pressure on the heels can improve the back and neck. There is a guide, and your reflexologist will show you this to explain the way the pressure points work.

Then, pressure is applied to the points that are needed. This is usually done with the fingers and thumbs, but it is possible that acupuncture in the feet is used. This is going to depend on the type of reflexologist that you see. You can also combine reflexology with therapeutic massages and acupuncture to gain more benefits.

How Does Reflexology Help?

With a foot massage, all you’re doing is working on the muscles within the feet. This is great for promoting relaxation, but does it work on the specific area of you’re body you need help with. If it is just to release some of the stress in your body, a foot massage is often going to work better, but what about promoting a healthier immune system?

Reflexology in Santa Barbara works by applying pressure on specific points. If you need to boost your immune system, a professional will be able to target just that area of the feet. This helps to ensure you get the outcome that you’re paying for.

If you’re struggling with back or hip pain, a professional will be able to put the focus on the heel. This can be an area overlooked because the instep and balls of the feet often become the focus in a foot massage. It’s where the softer tissue is. However, the heel is where a lot of pressure goes up into the back, so it needs to be the main focus for that need.

You will need to talk to your reflexologist if you have any health concerns. Those with epilepsy, blood clots, thyroid issues, and other concerns could find that the reflexology causes more harm than good. This can also be the same for a foot massage.

Reflexology in Santa Barbara is an excellent way to promote overall health. And yes, it is better than a foot massage for a lot of people because of the way it targets things.

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