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Should I Tip at a Massage Spa in Santa Barbara?

You’re going to a massage spa in Santa Barbara. Now you need to know the etiquette is for the place you're visiting. Should you tip? If so, how much should you tip?

The last thing you want is to be embarrassed when it comes to paying for the service. Here is everything you need to know about tipping at massage spas for whatever type of service you receive.

Should You Tip at a Massage Spa?

A massage spa in Santa Barbara is nothing like going to a restaurant or coffee shop. There is no need to tip if you don't want to, however, a tip is appreciated by the person who has carried out your service. If you go to an all-inclusive spa, things are different. In this place there is no need to tip as there is often a zero-tip policy in place. You will also want to know if there is a no tip policy in place even without the all-inclusive service.

Tipping when there is a zero-tip policy in place will lead to embarrassment for both you and the person who carried out the service. This can often be worse than not tipping at all when there is not a zero-tip policy.

How Much Should You Tip at the Spa?

Now you know you want to tip at the massage spa in Santa Barbara, you need to know just how much you should tip. The standard practice is to tip 20% if you are happy with the service. If the massage therapist goes above and beyond tipping higher is appreciated. If the service does not quite meet at meet expectations, tipping at around 15 to 18% is reasonable.

what about if you were given a gift certificate for the massage spa? In this case you will want to look at what the original price fall the service you received would be. You would then tip around 20% on this price.

How to Place Your Tip

If you pay by credit card, you can add your tip to the full price at the machine. It is worth checking the policy's when leaving these tips. In some cases part of the tip will be sent to the owner of the massage spa in Santa Barbara rather than the person who carried out the service.

When paying for the tip in cash, a lot of places will offer envelopes so that you can tip discretely. This is a great way to avoid any embarrassment if you cannot quite afford the 20% tip or you decided that the service did not quite meet expectations.

There may be a tip jar at the counter where you can place your tips. Keep in mind these tip jars are often tipped out to allow everyone a fair share of the tips even if they did not provide your service. If you would like to ensure your massage therapist receives the full tip, the best option is to go with the envelope method. You can hand the tip directly to the massage therapist.

In conclusion, there is no need to tip at a massage spa in Santa Barbara if you could not. However, a 20% tip is customary in North America.

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