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Understanding the Oils Used in a Massage in Santa Barbara

A massage therapist will use oils when they perform a massage in Santa Barbara. They will talk to you about allergies and sensitivities before applying anything to your skin. It’s important to be honest about your needs here.

There are different types of oils available. Some of them have scents, while others are just natural and thick for specific types of massages. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find as a good spa.

Thicker Oils Are Used for Deep Tissue Massages

You may see that a massage therapist has coconut and avocado oils. These types of oils are thicker when they’re applied to your body, which makes them great when the massage therapist needs to get a grip on your skin. If you’re looking at getting a deep tissue massage in Santa Barbara, you’ll find that these thicker oils are suggested.

You may have some sensitivities to some of the oils. They do usually have a natural base to them, but certain brands will have other additives. It’s worth talking to the therapist performing the massage to make sure they use the right type for your needs.

The thicker oils will offer more friction on the skin. This prevents the hands from slipping too much as the massage therapist gets into the deeper layers of the muscles. The oil is still good for allowing the hands to move so there’s not so much friction that it burns across the skin, though.

Thinner Oils Offer a More Relaxing Massage

Almond oil and even baby oil are popular for a relaxation massage in Santa Barbara. These are thinner oils that make it easier to move the hands across the skin. Look out for massage oils that have a sticky substance to them. A lot of places are moving away from these as they leave a residue on the skin. There’s no need to opt for something special when baby and almond oils are great (and cheaper!) alternatives.

When you get a relaxation massage, you want the hands to be able to glide along the skin. The hands don’t need the friction to get into the layers of the muscles. Instead, you’re looking at getting something that keeps the touch light.

Adding Essential Oils to the Massage Oil

Your massage therapist may ask if you want essential oils added for your massage in Santa Barbara. You can say no if you want. Some people are sensitive to the scents and the ingredients in the essential oils.

The essential oils are used for scent more than anything else. They help to create a specific atmosphere in the room. If you’re getting a deep tissue massage, essential oils aren’t as commonly used, although some can help aid with the breakdown of lactic acid in the muscles.

You’ll find the essential oils added to relaxation massages, with lavender, citrus, and peppermint among the most popular ones.

Talk to your massage therapist about the types of oils they’re using. This will help you understand more about the type of massage in Santa Barbara you’re getting.

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