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What Are the 3 Types of Reflexology in Santa Barbara?

Reflexology in Santa Barbara involves the use of pressure on specific pressure points in the body. These pressure points can help to improve healing and overall health.

There are three main areas that reflexology is done. Here’s a look at each one and the benefits of them.

Foot Reflexology

The one that you’ve likely heard of the most is foot reflexology in Santa Barbara. A reflexologist will start by asking about any foot pain you may have. Leg pain or any bunions and other problems with the feet are also important. The reflexologist will want to aid the healing of problems rather than making them worse, so be honest about them.

The pressure points in the feet can be linked to issues with the spine, the hips, and the overall mental health. Foot reflexology has been known to help aid walking issues due to pain as well as ease stress and anxiety. It’s great for relieving a lot of pain felt from problems like chronic health issues and arthritis.

Each pressure point is linked to a specific part of your body, so your reflexologist will want to know about the exact symptoms that you have. If you’re going for neck pain, the reflexologist knows to target just underneath the big toe. If you’re struggling with intestinal or organ issues like a sluggish digestive system, the fleshy part of the foot becomes the main target. Got shoulder pain? You’ll find the area just under the fourth toe is the pressure point targeted.

Hand Reflexology

The next popular type of reflexology in Santa Barbara is hand reflexology. Like the feet, the pressure points in the hand are connected to different parts of the body. This is a great way to get many of the benefits of foot reflexology without the need for someone touching your feet—not everyone is a fan of that.

The tips of the fingers are linked to the brain, eyes, teeth, sinuses, and other parts of your head and neck. As you move down the hand, the pressure points connect to the organs. Then there’s the wrist, which can’t be forgotten about. This area is important if you do a lot of work at a computer as the nerves around the wrist can end up swollen.

These pressure points are also important for the spine, the sciatic nerve, and even the reproductive organs.

Ear Reflexology

Ear reflexology in Santa Barbara may be surprising to some. Who would have thought this small part of the body would have some important pressure points? It has points on the outside of the ear and on the inside of the ear. Like with foot and hand work, the reflexologist will want to know what type of pain or problem you’re experiencing.

The outside section that is all cartilage is connected to the organs. Each organ has a specific section around the outside of the ear. The lobe is connected to your lungs, head, mouth, and eyes. Then on the inside of the ear, you’re connecting to the heart, shoulder, hands, and feet.

It’s amazing what reflexology in Santa Barbara can do. Make sure you’re honest about your problems and find a trusted, high-quality reflexologist.

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