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What Does a Medical Massage in Santa Barbara Involve?

You have likely heard how massages offer medical benefits. Did you know you can get something that is specifically known as a medical massage in Santa Barbara? This is sometimes referred to as a therapeutic massage.

Sometimes, you will need to go to a hospital setting for a medical massage. It will depend on the type of injury you’re dealing with. However, you can also discuss your medical needs with other professionals to get exactly what you need.

What Is a Medical Massage?

A medical massage in Santa Barbara focuses more on the soft tissues than the deeper elements of the muscles. It works on the tendons and ligaments within the joints, as well as the top of the muscles.

This is usually targeted due to a specific injury. For example, if you’ve had a car accident that damaged your back, you may need a regular medical massage on that part of the body to help with pain. If you had a sporting injury to your knee, you may get medical massages to that part of the body specifically to aid with movement and promote healing.

Medical massages can also be good on an overall therapeutic level. You may need to get help for repetitive strain injuries due to the workplace, or you may find that sitting all day at the desk is causing problems that you need to have addressed. Regular migraines could also be managed through massages.

What to Expect During Your First Medical Massage

When you book your first appointment for a medical massage in Santa Barbara, the massage therapist will want to know some details. This will include details about your injury and what you want to achieve from the massages. The therapist needs to know the part of the body to target and the type of injury you sustained.

This isn’t to pry into your medical needs. It’s purely to make sure that you get the treatment that you need for your injury. The more information you give, the better the medical treatment will be.

You may find that the massage therapist doesn’t just work on the specific area. Your injury may have caused other problems that you’re not quite aware of. A trained professional will understand how injuries can affect the rest of the body.

How Long Will a Medical Massage Take?

You’ll have the choice over the length of your sessions when it comes to a medical massage in Santa Barbara. If this is done via your doctor, the standard is usually 45 minutes to an hour. The first appointment may be a little longer just to get more details.

If you book through a private clinic, you’ll likely have more choices for therapy sessions. It is possible to get 90 minutes to two hours, which can be great for later sessions as you find what’s working and what’s not.

It’s not about the length of time, though. It’s all about the quality when it comes to healing.

If you’ve suffered an injury, you’ll want to look into getting a medical massage in Santa Barbara. You’ll target where the injury is to avoid future problems throughout your body.

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