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What Exactly Does a Deep Tissue Massage in Santa Barbara Do?

You want to get a massage, and as you look for places near you, you’ll see about all the different types available. A deep tissue massage in Santa Barbara has a lot of benefits, but is it the right type of massage for your needs right now?

It’s important to understand what a deep tissue massage is. You’ll want to do what it does for the body, so you can see if this is what you need.

Breaking Down the Scar Tissue and Muscle Adhesions

If you have a lot of scar tissue from surgeries, you may want to consider getting a deep tissue massage in Santa Barbara. This can also be good if you damaged muscles as there will be scar tissue within them. The massage will help to break down some of this scar tissue to promote healthier muscle and skin.

Then there’s the muscle adhesions. You’ve felt the “knots” in your shoulders, right? Or maybe someone has told you in the past that you have knots in the back. These are adhesions, which are bands of rigid muscle. It is painful, and the adhesions need to be removed for better relaxation and flexibility. Knots will impede circulation, leading to inflammation in the body.

Getting Deeper Into the Layers

A regular massage is great for easing some of the tension on the top layers of your muscles. However, if you want to get into the knots, you need more pressure. A deep tissue massage in Santa Barbara is going to be able to get deeper.

Don’t worry about this happening when you’re just getting warmed up. A good massage therapist will make sure your muscles are warmed before getting into the deeper layers. They’ll use light pressure to get you prepared for the removal of the knots.

This can be a painful process depending on the severity of the adhesions. You can ask your massage therapist to lighten up a little to give you a break in between knots if you need it.

Helps to Fight Chronic Pain

If you take a lot of medication for chronic pain, you want to look at getting a deep tissue massage in Santa Barbara. You could reduce the amount of medication you take.

Some of the chronic pain is coming from those muscle adhesions mentioned. They cause poor circulation, which leads to inflammation. When you get rid of the knots, you get rid of the poor circulation. The muscles won’t be as inflamed, so the joints will be much easier to move.

You can also gain benefits from breaking down scar tissue, which can also lead to inflammation because of poor circulation. While you can’t usually get rid of all scar tissue, there’s enough of a breakdown to improve your movement.

Chronic pain sufferers or those with a lot of tension will benefit from a deep tissue massage in Santa Barbara. You’ll improve circulation by getting rid of all those knots that you keep feeling in your body.

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